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2018 Free Commercial Font

Hello designers! See you again with me. This time I tried to provide you with the most updated information about the latest fonts for graphic designers that you can use for free.

5 Of The Best Modern Fonts You Must Have

The best modern fonts that admin collect this do not you miss.
Admin has been searching every site to get this fontfont and of course free for you have. If you like this article do not forget to like and share yah ...:) Sharing is Caring !

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1. StreetWear free font
This font is perfect for sports-themed designs, with a unique modern design that has a 60s look.

You can download HERE

2.UNI SANS font

This font is perfect for the design of book titles, billboards, billboards, krena his letters are thick and very flashy and easy to read.

Download the font here

3.Multicolore font

This font is perfect for you who want to design themes for children or a cheery themed design. Because this font has a fun and playfull design.


4. lovelo font

Download Here

5. REIS font

This font is a very casual handwritten font, refreshing, this font is great for poster design, brochure and logo

Download here

So it used to be an article about downloading the best modern font according to Zatarifont. Do not forget like and share! Sharing is Caring


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