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2018 Free Commercial Font

Hello designers! See you again with me. This time I tried to provide you with the most updated information about the latest fonts for graphic designers that you can use for free.

How to Differentiate Font Type (part 1)

fonts can be categorized into 4 major groups: Serif, san-serif, script and decorative. serif means to have a tail, san serif means not having a tail, script can be interpreted upright writing (usually used in making beautiful writing). While decorative in accordance with its type of writing that is made with ideas that decor.

The above font categories are subdivided into several subcategories; Check out below:

1. Serif font
a. Old Style

This type of font was created at the end of the 15th century, has a romance type, where there is axis of curved line leaned to the left.
The thickness difference between the letters is not dramatic and his ordinary hailines are rather thick.

b. Transitional serif font

This type of font explains the transition between olod style with neoclassical which has their respective character. So it has a more modern and more detailed results with the distinction of thick stroke more clear.

c.Neocalssical & Didone

This font has a very significant thin thick contrast, the axis of the curve lines in the vertical design with no brackets. This type of font often has a rounded terminal or ball.

d. Slab serif font

This type of font is very popular in the 19th century used for advertising, this font has a very thick texture, and has little or no bracket at all. there is no thin thick difference between the lines. The conclusion of this font is similar to font san serif with the addition of a thick tail.

e. Clarendon serif fonts
This font is used as a display font, the distinct thickness and serif differences are longer than the previous design. Popular and often in use today.

f. Glyphic serif font

This type of font uses a line of engraving, the difference in the size of the line thickness is very small, and the axis of the curve line tends to be vertical. the typical thing of this font is the triangular serif or the longitudinal outline to end the writing. In some sources this font is subdivided into 2 ie glyphic and latin. the latin type has a characteristic in which serif is only triangular in shape.

So many times for writing this time, for the classification of the next font will be discussed in the next article.Do not forget to continue to follow this blog and like and share :)
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