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New free comic font for your project design

hy all!!! welcome to my blog
this motime i want to share you the new font with fun and playfull inside this font

the author give this font name " KoMIKi-the comic font"

best font for any design project

5 free fonts for flat design

Flat design is a simple design and minimalist, where most of the designers smitten with this type of design.Where the design is more emphasis on color and typography without other textures.

The authors believe that typography is the most important component in a flat design. we can not carelessly use a font in a flat type of design. The font used should be really specific so that the design really looks simple and minimalist.

In this article you can download 5 free fonts for flat design that is suitable for modern and minimalist design.
And of course these 5 fonts you can use for other designs depending on your design needs.

Okay just see the font below and please download and of course free 100%

1.Circula font by Paragraph

2.Tracks type font by Gumpita rahayu

3.Lovelo by Renzler design

4. Bellota by Pixilate

5. Myra 4f  by 4th February

That's the best 5 fonts for a flat design choice writer, and there are still many free fonts that you can get for flat design.

So hopefully useful first and greetings for the designers

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