5 Best Sites For Free Font Downloads

Hello all, in this post zatarifont will divide the place of popular font download and of course free.
A graphic designer is definitely in need of a font. Okay just below 5 best sites download free font choose by  ZATARIFONT .....

1.1001fonts - 1001fonts.com

As the name suggests, the 1001fonts site provides thousands of free fonts that you can download for free. We can search for fonts that fit our desires in the search box. Advantages, we can try the first font by using the words we want without having to download first, so appropriate new we download.
Well, the drawback of this site is its display that is less responsive, so it is not nice to see. But this certainly does not prevent us from searching and downloading fonts according to our wishes.
Following its site preview

2.Dafont- Dafont.com

This site is a favorite admin site that most admin visit. Here can be found hundreds of thousands of free fonts that can be downloaded, dafont.com also has a simple and elegant look, in dafont we can search for fonts based on the theme we want such as serif, sanserif, caligrafi, brush and so on. and we can choose licenses from free 100% to paid licenses
following the preview of the site...

3.UrbantFont - urbantfont.com

UrbantFont, where free font downloads are dear to miss. In this UrbantFont than can nyari free fonts, can also nyari dingbats (fonts that contain image assets). The web interface is also quite good and responsive. check its web interface:

4.Fontsquirrel - fontsquirrel.com

Fontsquirrel, also a free download font that is just as cool. Here we can also find the paid font, of course the quality of the font is better than the free font. In Fontsquirrel there is a feature that, according to the admin, is very good and very helpful for designers. That is, the FONT IDENTIFIER feature to search for fonts based on images. How to live upload images you want to look for font. Of course this feature is not accurate 100% can nyari appropriate font, so far this is quite helpful in the search world per-font-an. Here's how the website looks:

5.FontFabric - fontfabric.com

FontFabric, here maybe the font is not as much as the web mentioned before. But, here the font can be said font premium font free. Yes, certainly not full free. Visible fonts are indeed premium fonts sold, but they provide free fonts from premium fonts. Usually the free fonts are a little bit different than the premium ones. Fonts are displayed are usually directly displayed in the design of branding fontnya pro bang is, make us will download the font. If again nyari font premium but free ya here place.

Maybe so much ago about the 5 best sites to download free fonts according to zatarifont.Admin suggestions, do not just fix on free fonts note also its licenses so that no problem in the future. Or make free fonts as our idea to design your own font. And most importantly appreciate the designers of those fonts, which make it hard.

Respect the work of others if we want to be respected. regards Zatarifont


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